Simple Interior Design is focused on having close working relationship all our clients. Our specialty is understanding your needs by giving detailed and accurate project requirements. All our designs are based on a philosophy that your home should be functional, unique and represent who you are.

We provide an innovative approach to all our design services by specializing in upscale residential, commercial and interior design. We are committed to design excellence and attention to detail that adheres to your budgetary requirements.


吳啟民  設計總監


回國後任職於國內頗負盛名的匯僑設計公司,接觸嬌蘭、Elizabeth Arden等品牌商業空間設計團隊,累積了國際級的設計能量,直至創立尚展設計公司後,更是大放異彩。


Mr. Chi-Ming Wu   Founder/ Director of Design, SID

Wu has shown his talent for drawing since childhood. Enthusiastic about artistic creations, Wu had won numerous awards from participating in art contests. A unique background involving motion pictures, Wu has been deeply nurtured by Hollywood productions and love to see movies. He is even more interested in the costume design, production design and set decoration than the plot itself. An unusual habit of drawing set decoration after seeing the movie has laid a solid foundation for him to engage in the business of interior design.


Educated in Canada since high school, Wu studied art and interior design in college. The learning and living experiences in Canada have expanded his horizons and provided inspirations. He is especially fascinated by Montreal in Quebec, a UNESCO City of Design, thus the French ambiance becomes the most significant influence in his design style.


Wu travelled extensively in North America and Europe while he was a student and also after graduation. Such travelling experiences offered tons of exposures to multiple cultures. After returning to Taiwan, he joined the local largest interior design firm and worked with internationally renowned design teams on commercial cases. The working experiences have accumulated his capacity to become an entrepreneur.


Wu established Simple Interior Design (SID) in 2004 when his career as a professional interior designer reached its climax. He is a trendsetter of American style in the local interior design market. He integrates the Art Deco style with a Paris touch and combines them with the elements favored by Hollywood celebrities, thus creating an exclusive taste of living popular among the local rich and famous. Fellow interior designers begin to pay close attention and even follow his footsteps. The average daily hits of SID’s blog are over 1,000 and accumulated hits are about to exceeding one million.


2016 中國 最成功設計大獎 好萊塢女人香

2015 中國 最成功設計大獎 樸境‧原質

2014 香港 APIDA亞太區室內設計比賽 入圍 雅痞 • 旅行 • 家

2014 中國 最成功設計大獎 樂活。健康。家

2013 中國 最成功設計大獎 美式LOFT 一切風格的美麗解答

2013 現代裝飾國際傳媒獎 年度傑出設計師

2012 現代裝飾國際傳媒獎 年度傑出設計師

2012 中國 最成功設計大獎 Art Deco Style

2011 現代裝飾國際傳媒獎 家居空間大獎 NEW YORK LOFT STYLE

2009 台灣室內設計大獎 TID  居住空間類 入圍  自由解放空間

2008 台灣室內設計大獎 TID 獎 住宅空間類 TID獎 樂活‧健康‧家